The southern coast of Spain east of Malaga
The southern coast of Spain east of Malaga

The southern Spanish coast, also called the Costa del Sol… It is also known as the region of Andalusia which is the southern coastline of Malaga Province. The centre of Costa del Sol is the city of Malaga.

The region was once settled by the Phoenicians, then by the Celts, followed by the Carthaginians around 500BC. After that, the Romans arrived and settled the region. In the 8th Century the Moors cross the Straights of Gibraltar and settled in the area. In 1492 the last Moor King handed over the land to the Catholic Monarchs Isabel and Fernando of Spain.. The area is rich in history and cultures.

When in southern Spain, a visit to Granada and the Alhambra is a must, it is worth spending a day there. Another great spot is Marbella, there are many hotels and exciting places to eat there. Seville is close by and should not be missed. There is a river cruise that runs all day and is well worth a few hours of your time. Don’t forget your camera to record your memories. East of Malaga is the Nerja caves, a visit is recommended. An area called the Balcony of Europe is on the coast just south of the caves. It is a marvelous place with very scenic views of the Mediterranean sea.

Malaga itself is a great city to visit, the Semana Santa de Malaga is breathtaking. City tours are available at a reasonable cost You should also use the public train that runs hourly along the southern coast from Malaga to Fuengirola, it is a great way to get around and at a minimum cost.

While you are in Andalusia you should visit Cadiz to the west and then visit the Rock of Gibraltar. Nearby is the ferry docks that service the north African coast (Morocco). It is possible to go there for the day, don’t forget to have your passports ready.